10Qs with Ryan Smith
Interview by Jeff Halleran
Photos by Shigeo
Do you remember what the transition was like switching from Zero to riding for the then newly-born Mystery? Was it exciting to be part of something new like that at the time?
Yeah it was cool. I liked everything Jamie came up with so when he asked me if I wanted to be a part of it I was stoked. That whole time in general was exciting for me and it's when I turned pro.
How many magazine covers have you had over the span of your career, rough estimate? Of those covers, which one stands out in your mind as your favorite, and why?
Um I think four U.S. ones and three Canadian ones. It's been some time so hard to recall. I was the most pumped on the Thrasher one because that is the Holy Grail right there. Just the first skate mag I ever picked up so it would be my fav.
Was it cool having a video game character in the EA Skate series? What was it like doing the voice-over and motion capture stuff for that?
I always forget about that one. It's freaky how they really made a good game as far as skating goes. Working with them doing the voice stuff and all that was super cool. I love Canadians so it's always good to see Darren and Cris.
Who among your peers do you admire for their skills on and off the board, and why?
Jamie. Just a true skater and family man. I think his focus and organizational skills are mind blowing. I feel his longevity and heart are what any person in any career would aspire for. Now I sound like I'm kissing ass but it's true.
Do you have any good stories from skating back in in Kelowna, British Columbia?
Not really. I just remember skating outside in the winter in the freezing ass winter under some cover. Nothing out of the ordinary for a Canadian skater in the early 90's.
How many Red Dragons does it take to slay an Ogopogo?
Bigger fish to fry as far as killing shit goes.
Would you be stoked to have a signature colorway motorcycle helmet?
Haha no. Not one bit. I don't know shit about bikes to have anything signature. All the people who show me shit with them would clown the hell out of me like a poser. I'll stick to skating.
Which comes easier and feels better to you, BS Smith grinds, or FS Smith grinds, and why?
Frontside for sure. And I have no clue why but that's how it is.
Do you feel like a person really has to pay their dues before truly understanding the concept of, "Every day above the dirt is a good one"?
No. I feel there are some people that are born with humility and are thankful for everything in life and each day. Paying dues sounds like a ego thing. I mean almost dying because you were loaded certainly does not make you more entitled to appreciate life more by having a catch phrase.
Having gone through some personal trials and tribulations yourself, what kind of advice do you have for people that might be feeling sorry for themselves?
Stop thinking of yourself and help another human. Surprising how that feeling will melt away.
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