10Qs with Trevor Colden
Interview by Jeff Halleran
Photos by Shigeo
Do you like chips better than candy, and why?
I like chips better cause I'm not really a candy person. I can eat chips right when I wake up. You cant really do that with candy!
What were you doing before you started skating when you were younger, and what's the time span from then til now?
Well I use to live in Hawaii till I was 10 then moved to Virginia and met a couple of kids that skated and that's when I started skating.
How did you start riding Mystery boards? Can you break down how the story unfolded?
Well my homie Anthony that I know from back east was out in SD, Califonia. He stays with Ian Berry so I came out to skate with him. I've always liked Mystery but that's when I was still riding for Powell. I was interested in Mystery and it was too good of a opportunity to pass up!!
You usually ride the Mystery Carlin Exploding Mind deck with Jimmy's face on it, correct? Is there anything significant that stands out about that board to make you stick with it?
Yeah I love that board. It has a sick graphic and for some reason I feel like that has a different shape then all the other Mystery boards!
What's rad about where you grew up in Virginia Beach, and what could you have done without?
Well, I love Virginia Beach because all of my friends and just the vibe but there's not really many spots out there. There was this really fun skatepark I skated like every day called Woodstock Skate Plaza and we all used to just chill there all day it was so sick!
How is having Ant Travis for a roommate, and what do you guys do to pass the time when you're not out skating?
Having Ant for a roommate is tight cause he's from back east so its pretty cool. To pass the time we either watch skate videos or just skate the park.
Who is your shop sponsor currently, and what can you tell us about them?
I ride for Reign Skate Shop now. I just started riding for them about a month ago. I talked to Cole about it and he was down. I went out to Philly with Ant, I already knew everyone on the Reign team, then Ed Duff asked Justin Berry if I could get on and he was down too.
Would you ever consider wearing shorts while shooting a photo for an ad?
Yeah I'd be down if the shorts were tight.
Does James Hardy hook you up with chips at the gas station when you're craving some chow?
I'm on the Hardy flow program and he buys me a lot of food and snacks.
Can you explain the Color Theory video part process to the people, from your perspective? And what's next for you after working on the Color Theory part?
I started filming for my part pretty much right after I talked to Jamie Thomas and Ian Berry about it, and then I started to go out filming for my part as much as possible. I just want to keep on skating and filming for whatever comes up next.
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