5X5 With David Reyes
wrestling Superstars to enter the squared circle:
Stone cold Bret micheals Hulk hogan The Undertaker Machco Man Randy Savage
fun parts of filming for your Mystery Color Theory part:
New spots Skating with new peopl. Learning new tricks Being more diverse Having fun
classic wrestling moves and the wrassler who made them famous:
Stone Cold; the Stone Cold Stunner The Rock: The People's Elbow Undertaker: The Tombstone Piledriver Kane: the Chokeslam from Hell Mankind: Mr.Socko
best times to make a tweest:
Before a meal After a meal Before skating After skating Anytime is the right time
items you'd find in Gilbert's ride on a filming mission:
Great laughs About 10 emptied raspberry iced teas Empty packs of smokes Extra packs of smokes Good ol fashion stories
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