Hometown // Oxnard

Sponsors // Mystery, Acid Chemical Co, Theeve, Shake Junt, Neff, Silika, Momentum Ride Shop

Stance // Regular

Current Set up // 8.0 board, 5.25" theeve trucks, 52 wheels, Mystery deck

Favorite Trick // All of them, Skating is awesome

Favorite Board // Mystery

Favorite Spot // Oxnard

Favorite TV Show // Cowboybeebop

Favorite Food // Free food

Thing to do when not skating // Run a muck with the homies, hanging with my cats, and video games

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Hometown // Raleigh, NC

Sponsors // Mystery Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, Nike SB, Paradox, Proof, Diamond Supply, and Endless Grind

Stance // Goofy

Current Set up // Nike SB GT's, 7.87 Logo Board, 5.25 Theeve TiAX Raw,51 Bones Wheels, Swiss Bearings, Diamond Hardware, Paradox Grip

Favorite Trick // Switch Fs Flip

Favorite Board // Indy "El Perrito"

Favorite Spot // NC State Campus

Favorite TV Show // Fargo

Favorite Food // Breakfast

Thing to do when not skating // Netflix and Chill

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Hometown // Sao Jose dos Campos - Sao Paulo

Sponsors // Mystery Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, Ricta Wheels, Wolf, Brabus Skate Shop, Diamond Hardware, Ademafia

Stance // Goofy

Current Set up // Mystery Board size 7.8 Theeve truck raw 5.25 Ricta Wheels Slix 52mm Wolf Griptape, Bronson Bearings, Diamond Hardware

Favorite Trick // kickflip crooked

Favorite Board // Mystery Skateboards

Favorite Spot // Praça Maua - Rio de Janeiro

Favorite TV Show // Discovery Turbo

Favorite Food // Japanese Food

Thing to do when not skating // BBQ with the homies and chill



Hometown // Long Beach, California

Sponsors // Mystery Skateboards, Royal Trucks, Furnace skate shop, Grizzly Griptape, Bones Wheels

Stance // Regular

Current Set up // 8.125 Mystery board, 51mm Bones wheels, 5.25 Royal trucks, Grizzly Grip Tape, Bones Swiss Bearings

Favorite Trick // Back bigspin

Favorite Board // I love em all!

Favorite Spot // Foothill dirt gap

Favorite TV Show // Thrasher

Favorite Food // Grinders in hb!

Thing to do when not skating // sleeping



Hometown // Wilmington, North Carolina

Sponsors // Mystery Skateboards, New Balance Numeric, Satori Movement, Olympia Supply Bearings, Another Skateshop

Stance // Regular

Current Set up // 8.25 Mystery board, Thunder Trucks, 52mm Satori wheels, Olympia bearings, Mob grip

Favorite Trick // Backside Smith Grind

Favorite Board // Mystery Skateboards, galaxy graphic

Favorite Spot // R.I.P Durham Courthouse

Favorite TV Show // Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Favorite Food // Breakfast day or night

Thing to do when not skating // Paint and draw, shoot some hoops, watch old music videos



Hometown // Chicago, Illinois

Sponsors // Mystery, Etnies Footwear, Theeve Trucks, Acid Wheels, Huh Bearings, ProfitXLoss Clothing, Stelth Headwear, Elenex Brand, Asylum Skatepark/Shop

Stance // Regular

Current Set up // 8.0 Mystery Deck, Theeve hollow kingpins, Acid sidecut wheels size 51, Huh Bearings Blue, Mob Griptape

Favorite Trick // Hardflip

Favorite Board // Any of the Mystery Portrait Series

Favorite Spot // Rincon 4 Block

Favorite TV Show // Ridiculousness

Favorite Food // Seafood and BBQ

Thing to do when not skating // Travel, and spend time out with family



Hometown // Htown

Sponsors // Mystery, purple wax, shake junt,

pharmacy, dc (flow)

Stance // Southpaw

Current Set up // Mystery board 8.0, 50mm wheel, 147 trucks

Favorite Trick // Nollie back heel

Favorite Board // Alley cat black cat deck

Favorite Spot // Kingswood town center

Favorite TV Show // That 70’s Show

Favorite Food // Anything Indonesian

Thing to do when not skating // Photography



Hometown // Howell, NJ

Sponsors // Pro Skateboard Shop, Fallen Footwear, Mystery Skateboards, Grizzly Griptape, Arcade Belts, Highland Peak Co, Remind Insoles, Clayman

Stance // Southpaw

Current Set up // 8.25 Mystery, 149 Indys, 53mm wheels, Grizzly Grip, Allen 7/8 Hardware

Favorite Trick // Switch Frontside Flip

Favorite Board // Classic Mystery Logo Black/White Deck

Favorite Spot // Every spot in Trenton, NJ

Favorite TV Show //Family Guy

Favorite Food // My Puerto Rican Grandmother’s arroz y habicheulas con pollo (rice and beans with chicken)

Thing to do when not skating // Golfing, gaming, reading, fitness,   investing, teaching myself to play guitar, spending time with my lady and our two dogs


Matthew Parra

Hometown // Orange, CA

Sponsors // Mystery, Nohours brand

Stance // Goofy

Current Set up // 8.375 Mystery board, 52mm wheel, 149 Indy trucks

Favorite Trick // Bigspin front boards and treflips

Favorite Board // Gomez pro deck

Favorite Spot // A rail or some stairs

Favorite TV Show // F is For Family haha

Favorite Food // In n Out

Thing to do when not skating // Hang out with my girlfriend, family and friends. Also driving!!